Toilet Paper


Exceptionally wide range offers and meets consumer expectations. With three different sale price levels meet the needs of consumers with difference in their purchasing power. The premium assortment offers to customers with high purchasing power the highest standards of quality and superior softness of the product. Strong & soft segment is developed for consumers focused on price as well as quality. The Economy segment has a good quality product at the economical price with the motto More for Less.


Made from 100% cellulose fibres derived from renewable resources. Thanks to a unique processing technology Premium paper is gentle on the skin and soft to touch proudly bearing the mark: NUMBER 1 IN SOFTNESS.


Dyes and artificial bleaches free.


Fragrance compositions are not directly applied to the paper but to the cardboard tube. It makes the product 100% safe in contact with the skin.


In addition to toilet paper Violeta offers also a wide range of wet personal cleansing wipes for children and adults. All wet wipe packages have a protective cap to protect wipes against dehydration.


Wet wipes are made of biodegradable material and are flushable. For best results flash max three wipes at a time.