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Finding the right and the best cleaning products for the job is the hardest part of cleaning! The best products for floor cleaning, kitchen, bathroom and more are on offer in the Violeta and Teta Violeta assortiment. We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning products to make everyday life more convinient and easier for you. Let's head for a cleaner, tidier, clutter free home with the Teta Violeta support.

Strong and

The foam lasts regardless of whether the dishes are washed under a stream of water from a famous or prepared bath with detergent. It is 30% more powerful than the previous Teta Violeta products.


VIO Pomegranate - a powerful formula with long-lasting foam effectively removes even the most stubborn stains while filling your space with a pleasant scent of Pomegranate.


VIO lemon and baking soda - the combination of baking soda and lemon in the detergent helps to neutralize unpleasant odors and accelerates the cleaning of stubborn stains.


VIO almond sensitive - the formulation contains organic almond extract and a neutral ph value that cares for the skin of your hands, while the powerful formula with long-lasting foam effectively removes even the most stubborn stains.


Issue Indicating Tissue

Violeta, as a leading brand of paper tissues, uses its packaging to educate the public about the different colors of mucus in the nose - snot. Through the new packaging of nasal tissues called "Issue Indicating Tissue", we introduce you to 6 cheerful snots, but what is even more important through the packaging we will also find out what their colors can mean for our health.