Finding the right and the best cleaning products for the job is the hardest part of cleaning! The best products for floor cleaning, kitchen, bathroom and more are on offer in the Violeta and Teta Violeta assortiment. We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning products to make everyday life more convinient and easier for you. Let's head for a cleaner, tidier, clutter free home with the Teta Violeta support.

Let's reduce waste !

New „DUAL PURPOSE“ toilet paper made with 100% recycled paper, in 100% recycled packaging. Packed in nothing less than a usable waste bag.


Packaging of DUAL PURPOSE paper has two purposes; it is designed entirely as any other packaging of this product, except that closing is similar to drawstring trash bag closing. As a result of this simple intervention in packaging turned it in a product with a mission.


Packaging and wrapping material make up a major portion of municipal waste, if that is so why not use them as trash bags. We hope that this example will encourage other manufacturers to start thinking about the impact of their packaging waste on the environment, and customers to think about the use of each packaging waste as means of waste disposal agent.


Let's move on! Packaging material for our new paper towel contains 92% less plastic. To reduce plastic waste we use paper to wrap our paper towels. This way, we will reduce the amount of plastic packaging by as much as 13.25 tons per year. Let's treat nature with respect as it deserves and be a part for sustainable change.


Toilet paper can „save your life“!

Prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer are important, so we have created a „bold product“ that reminds consumers to self-test on colorectal cancer and take care of their own health. See more: https://bit.ly/TPcansaveyourass