Paper Towels


Teta Violeta paper towels are a blend of innovative technology and high quality raw materials that provide lasting strength and exceptional absorbency. By constantly monitoring diverse needs, Teta Violeta has different packaging in its range, different processing of materials for different purposes (smooth surfaces, removing stains in the kitchen…), gives a choice between three-layer or two-layer towels. Carefully thought out designs and exceptional strength and absorbency, make Teta Violeta kitchen paper towels functional and helpful for all (in) conveniences.


Made from 100% cellulose fibres derived from renewable resources.


Unbleached and elemental chlorine free, safe in contact with food. Food dyes are used on paper towels Clever Cut and Love with prints, as well as scent used for Lemon Cupcake paper towel.


Dot pattern and 4D technology guarantees the strength of the sheets even when in touch with liquids.


Quality raw material intensifies the absorbency power, and using the Expert paper towel enhances the quality of glass and smooth surface cleaning without leaving any streaks.


One of Teta Violeta's favourite paper towels is a Clever Cut, with an extra benefit, the choice of using a full or half sheet. This economical and practical feature extends the use of paper towels beyond the kitchen.