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What does the color of your snot mean?

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Yellow, green, brown or some fourth: what does the color of your snot mean?


If you’ve ever had a runny nose or sneezed without a tissue, you’ve probably become close and personal friends with your snot. You may have noticed that they change color or texture from time to time.


The snot from the nose is most often clear or green, but it can be many other colors. Mucus in the nose exists to protect the nose and sinuses from things like dust, bacteria and other hazards to the human body and is generally useful.


But why does the mucus in the nose change color?


Usually it has to do with what is happening inside or outside your body. You may be perfectly healthy or have a cold, allergy or other health condition.


Violeta, as a leading brand of paper tissues, uses its packaging to educate the public about the different colors of mucus in the nose – snot. Through the new packaging of nasal tissues called “Issue Indicating Tissue”, we introduce you to 6 cheerful snots, but what is even more important through the packaging we will also find out what their colors can mean for our health.


This project is proof that design subordinated to communication can create added value, even though the product is apparently generic.


When you come across these tissues on the shelf, check the color of your snot.