Dishwashing Detergents


Creamy structured and soft scented, Teta Violeta dishwashing detergents are the best choice. Stable and firm foam gives radiance to the dishes and refreshing scents make your kitchen smell good every time you wash dishes.


The triple power of the active molecules of the refreshing scent penetrates through grease, works quickly to remove all kinds of dirt from dishes and makes the dishes clean and shiny.


Biodegradable formulation with extracts of natural origin. In the basic product line, Teta Violeta detergents come with refreshing scent of lemon, apple or pomegranate, while in the Sensitive product line, the active ingredients are almonds and aloe vera.


Skin Friendly - mild and with extremely creamy structure, its cleaning power effectively removes grease, does not contain heavy chemicals, designed for sensitive skin of the hands and reduces the skin irritation.


Easy to rinse and do not irritate your skin, confirmed also by a globally known for skin sensitivity testing laboratory- Dermscan.